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Why work with IKnowItMOM ?
1. What do We Do?
Our products are focused on Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Health of the children. Our products cover wide range including books, board games, interactive e-books, games, apps, e-learning courses. We have developed core IP products and plan to invent more.
2. Technologies of the Future
We are focused on future technologies cloud, AI, Gaming, Augmented reality and virtual reality.  We have partnered with Google. We are developing cloud based own IP products which have huge scaling abilities. Excellent opportunity for you to work in latest technologies and grow with us.
We love creativity and believe that a good product is combination of good design and technology. IKnowItMOM is right fit for you if you are interested in building innovative products while making a difference in a child's life.
We plan to have prominent presence in social media.  You can also become integral part of this team.
3. Businesses of the Future
  • The business of eLearning is expected to reach $325 Billion globally.
  • Gaming industry is expected to hit $230 Billion by 2022.
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality market growing at 70% CAGR
  • Bill Gates just committed $ 1.7 Billion additional budget for education. TATA invested huge money in e-learning. More world leaders are committing funds to education.
  • Emotional health and psychology in the age of digital content is getting paramount focus in India and across the world.
  • AI and Machine Learning are accepted to be the tech growth drivers
Great opportunity for you to get insights into all these industries. But we warn you, you will be involved in core products not just touch ups. We will give enough resources and guidance for you to learn.
 We believe in fair sharing. We assure you, all our success will be shared with you.