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IKnowItMOM books are uniquely designed to improve emotional intelligence of both children and parents. 


Children can learn different life skills and social skills. All books have stories and activities. No preaching. Illustrations are bright and fresh. Each book covers wide area of the specific topic so that most of the children’s questions are answered within the book. For example book ‘Cyber Bullying and Cyber Safety’ covers ‘What is cyber bullying, what are the dangers of being online, how to be safe from hacking, what to do when cyber bullied and much more’. All explained in simple language so that even very young kids can understand.  Everything is in the form of stories which helps to remember them better. Activities in the book re-enforces the learning. 


Each book has Introduction/Parent Pages where parents can understand the difficulties children face. Parents can also learn how to talk about difficult situations with the children.  By observing, how children perform in quiz/activities listed in the books, parents can understand children’s level  of understanding of the topics.  Using this book, children open up to the parents. This improves parent-child relationship.

Children who have used our books become aware and curious about the topics covered in the book. Whenever they see similar incidents happening around them, they converse with the parents. This further improves their emotional intelligence.

Parents can take advantage of this situation to improve their relationship with the children. 

Children who have used IKnowItMOM books are observed to be better in handling difficult life situations. For example ‘Child who read ‘Are you being bullied?’ book faced bullying situation with confidence and was not emotionally disturbed by it. 9 out of 10 kids who read ‘I Know the Value of Money’ book immediately started saving the money. They stopped nagging and crying when parent rejected their demands. Children who read ‘Cyber Bullying and Cyber Safety’ started carefully observing the ‘permissions’ a game is asking before downloading. 

Growing-up is difficult process and children are constantly experimenting. Each child is different. So don’t expect overnight results. Children at the age of 2-4 don’t talk or show much but they can understand. They often look at the pictures and make their own assumptions. At this stage, please explain the concepts in your mother tongue. All this learning gets stored in their sub conscious mind. 4-7 year old children like to question. So you can expect them to open some page in IKnowItMOM book and ask endless questions. Be patient since they are developing their logical mind.  Positive effects of the IKnowItMOM books become more and more visible at teenage years. Teenage children often find it challenging to talk to parents. Keywords used in IKnowItMOM books helps them to convey their difficulties in fewer words. For example, teenage daughter who has read ‘Physical and Social Bullying’ can say to parents that her friends are leaving her out of the group. Parents who have also read the book can understand how difficult it is for their daughter. Please notice most of teenage rebellion events happen because parents and children can not understand each other at that age. IKnowItMOM fills this gap.

If you want print copy of our books, you can buy them here

Are You Being Bullied? – Bullying Book 1

Physical and Social Bullying – Bullying Book 2

Cyber Bullying and Cyber Safety – Bullying Book 3

I Know the Value of Money – Money Book 1

All are full colour books with  6-7 stories covering 15-25 topics.  Each book has 80-100 pages ((Except ‘What’s On Your Mind?’ which is a workbook containing quizzes/ activities covering most aspects of emotional intelligence).

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