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Corona virus, anxiety in children

How to manage corona virus anxiety in children

Do you think your child is celebrating holidays?

All adults are stressed about corona virus. Many countries are on lock down. Children directly or indirectly listen how people are dying. How can they be joyful and carefree?

Look beyond your child’s smile. Your child might be anxious but not able to show it. This is the difficult time for all.

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sleeping while studying, exam preparation

How to stop your child from sleeping while studying

If your child is falling asleep while studying, you need to address this as soon as possible. Or else their brain will start associating studying with sleep and they will have hard time when they grow up. This is called brain conditioning or habit forming.

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IKnowItMOM, coding for children, children, technology for children, parents, life skills

All You Need to Encourage Your Child into Coding

Your child can code too.
It is OK, if your child is young. Mental ability is different than physical. Provide resources to the child and observe. If child doesn’t show interest, try again after some time. Never force.

It is OK, if parents don’t know coding. You can learn with your child!
If you search, ‘Coding for Children’ on Internet,  you will be overwhelmed with the number of choices you get.
So I am going to make it easy.

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