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Emotional Intelligence

Research shows people with high emotional intelligence outperform others. 

Are you struggling at school, relationships, parenting or at work? Emotional Intelligence may be the missing key.

Who We Are

IKnowItMOM is an EduTech company focusing on life skills education through gamified learning. We bring in expertise and insights from multiple countries, lifestyles and culture, from both west and east. This rich background blended with our studies in psychology resulted in IknowItMOM.

What We Do

We develop physical books, e-books, interactive e-books and computer games. Our animated story books are popular among children. We provide simple tricks and tips for busy parents. For professionals we develop gamified soft skills and leadership training software.

Why IKnowItMOM

High suicide rates, depression, career struggles, stress, problems in relationships indicates major gap in today’s education. We, at IKnowItMOM focus on shaping young minds to face real life challenges.

Free personality tests, worksheets, lessons and many more...

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