Technology at IKnowItMOM

We uniquely connect emotional intelligence with the technology through gamified learning.

As Emotional Intelligence company, we are heavily investing in ‘Emotion AI’.

Strengthening human-side of humans

Our next generation products and services are being built with machine learning and data science. Everywhere we hear about machines overtaking humans and putting humans out of work. We are building bots that will train humans to overtake machines.


We use RNNs, LSTMs/GRUs and many NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies. For gamified learning experience, we will soon be combining our solutions into VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality).
Reinforcement Learning- a specialized part of machine learning and Robotics – is in our roadmap.

Cloud programming, NoSQL databases and micro-services form the core of our framework. IKnowITMOM is supported by Google on this journey. Patent filing in Emotion AI is in progress.

Watch us to get the first hand updates on our product launches and transformations we bring in !

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