Physical and Social Bullying

This book gives the secrets to building strength against physical and social bullying. Left out of the group or beaten by a big kid? Your child can handle it all. No other book has defined the approach the way IKnowItMOM did!



In this book, physical and social bullying are discussed in detail. We often tell children not to fight. But what if the child is repeatedly hit by a bully. Wouldn’t it damage the pride of the victim child? Shouldn’t victims fight back? But what if the victim child is physically weak and gets hurt badly?

Even witnessing physical bullying can damage the child’s mind.

Social bullying can start from kindergarten and can continue through out life. Spreading rumours is a big problem in schools. It can create high emotional stress. Social bullying damages victim’s reputation. Victim feels hopeless and alone.

This book covers it all, what to do in case of physical bullying, how to avoid fights, how much to tolerate, when to fight back, what if the bully snatches things, how rumours spread, what to do when left out of a group, can small bully the big etc.
All are explained in the form of interesting stories and games. This book gives practical techniques to manage physical and social bullying. Even adults can use these techniques to manage bullying in the workplace.

Book Specifications : 

Format : PDF

No. of Pages : 74

No. of Stories : 6

Concepts covered : Taking away things, small bullying the big, technique to fight with words, how to handle gossip, how to manage if left out of the group, what to do in case of extreme physical bullying like heavy beating.

Suggested age : 8-15

Parents of younger kids (1-7) can use this book can parenting guide to help children handle bullying

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