Are You Being Bullied?

Bullying is the most traumatic experience a child might face outside the home.
Studies show, every third child is bullied at school. Some children put a brave face, but some others might get hurt to the extent of suicide.

This is the most comprehensive book you can ever find on bullying. Stories in this book contain real life incidents. Book helps children to identify bullying and face it with confidence. Children who read this book said that tricks taught in the book greatly helped them to prevent bullying.



Anti-Bullying Book gives excellent skills in handling bullying. Without making children paranoid, it helps the child to look at situations objectively.  The stories are designed in progressive sequence about identifying bullying, how to interpret the situations, how to protect oneself from low self esteem, depression and self pity and blaming self. 

Book Specifications

Format : PDF

No. of pages : 78

No. of stories : 6

Concepts covered : What is bullying?, Why people bully? What is verbal bullying? What is emotional bullying?, How to face bullying? Innovative techniques to handle bullies. Also includes quizzes and activities.

Suggested age : 8-15

Parents of younger kids (1-7) can use this book can parenting guide to help children handle bullying.

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