Cyber Bullying and Cyber Safety

We want our children to socialize, make friends and be popular. But Internet is not a good place to do all that, at least not without understanding the risks .
This book is a comprehensive system to improve cyber awareness among children and parents. A must read for all those who use technology.



Most parents are proud that their child can use mobile at young age. Many children own a smart phone or they watch videos and play games on the parent’s phone. But little do they know about the dangers online.

Think about it, a gossip can spread by pressing a button. An unwanted video or private photo can leak into public in seconds. Family, friends, teachers everyone can see it. Humiliation caused by it is far beyond explanation.

Through the Internet we have let strangers into our household. We have let them interact with our children! We don’t even know what our children are browsing, downloading or uploading.

We need to teach children Internet safety from very young age. Children need to be aware of cyber bullying and cyber crimes. They need to know how to manage threats, what to share, what not to share, Internet etiquette, how to manage dislikes or hate comments. They need to know how to protect their privacy.

Book Specifications : 

Format : PDF

No. of Pages : 82

No. of Stories : 6

Concepts Covered : Why passwords should not be shared, how our online data can be misused, cyber bullying, cyber crimes, cyber crime department, dangers of chatting with strangers, dangers of mobile games, dangers of fake promotions/sign-up forms, how to safely use internet, hacking, different types of virus attacks, what not to share online, safe online shopping, how to select good password, identifying fake news/media online, how to use internet to show talent, what to do in case of trolling in social media.

Suggested Age : 8-15

Parents of young kids (1-7) can use this as parenting guide to teach children how to be safe online.

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