What's on My Mind : Workbook

A concise work book that brings parents and children together. It covers whole range of priority challenges. It does it without preaching. It will make the child calm down, take responsibility. Take charge of the future instead of playing victim or blame tantrums.




Emotional intelligence helps children to identify emotions, maintain relationships, handle life challenges.
Children with high emotional intelligence are proved to become good leaders, have happy relationships and live better life.
This workbook covers most aspects of emotional intelligence.
This book helps children to
● Identify emotions
● Handle bullying
● Develop high self esteem
● Develop self control
● Improve financial intelligence
● Be independent
● Be safe
● Respect parent


Book Specifications : 

Format : PDF

No. of Pages : 50

Book contains activities, games and quizzes with which children can self learn concepts.

Concepts Covered : Financial education, Verbal bullying, physical bullying, emotional bullying, social bullying, cyber bullying, cyber safety, safe touch,, unsafe touch, taking responsibility, doing house chores

Suggested Age : 3-10

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