How Your Child Can Learn Animation : Easy Way

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Instead of fighting with children on media time, how about we encourage them to create cartoons (or in technical words create animations)?. Animation involves observing real life objects and depicting them on the screen. This involves physics (how objects hit each other and bounce back, how animals move),  geometry (drawing shapes, views), anatomy(human and animal body structure), biology(textures of natural elements), mathematics(setting right frame per second) etc. This also helps children to understand how theoretical academic topics map to real life.

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Exam Results Aren’t Everything!

There are different types of intelligence. Exam result mainly tells about logical and linguistic abilities of a student. But it doesn’t tell about life skills like leadership skills, handling conflicts, self control, values. Exam result is not final verdict of a student’s life.

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Is Your Child Addicted to Cell Phone?

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Children and smart phone addiction

Cell phone addiction is everywhere, among adults and children. But how do children develop habit of using cell phones? Scenario 1 : Small children can be extremely clingy and they don’t let you do anything else. Parenting is tough and sometimes parents just need a break. So we, parents give mobile to kids just to … Read more Is Your Child Addicted to Cell Phone?

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5 ways you can help your child with exam preparation

As exam season starts,  mothers disappear. Even many take leave from the work. Where are they? Helping kids with the studies! Don’t think this is exaggeration. Children need support and mothers are happy to do it. But now a days, increased syllabus is putting lot of pressure on children as well as mothers. Let us … Read more 5 ways you can help your child with exam preparation

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