How to Stop Your Child from Eating Junk Food

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Recently I was talking to my cousin and she said, ‘My son carries biscuits in his school box’. I said, “Oh, it is OK once in a while”. She said, “NO, he eats biscuits every day, all kids in his class do that!” What is wrong in this? you might think. Biscuits are broadly accepted … Read more How to Stop Your Child from Eating Junk Food

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2 Simple Yoga Postures for Easy Parenting

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I started doing Yoga from age 10 and have been doing it since then. Sometimes I leave it for few months but always find my way back in. I am very fortunate to learn Yoga ( asanas and all other aspects of Yoga) from eminent teachers. My heartfelt thanks to all my Yoga Gurus. Yoga … Read more 2 Simple Yoga Postures for Easy Parenting

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How to Improve Patience in 2-4 Year Old Kids

Parenting is a tough job and some years are tougher than others. Most parents get their first shock when child turns 2. In development psychology, this period is rightly called ‘Terrible Twos’. Why is this terrible? Because children rapidly change their behaviour at this time. It is a major social development time for children. You … Read more How to Improve Patience in 2-4 Year Old Kids

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All You Need to Encourage Your Child into Coding

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Your child can code too.
It is OK, if your child is young. Mental ability is different than physical. Provide resources to the child and observe. If child doesn’t show interest, try again after some time. Never force.

It is OK, if parents don’t know coding. You can learn with your child!
If you search, ‘Coding for Children’ on Internet,  you will be overwhelmed with the number of choices you get.
So I am going to make it easy.

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How Your Child Can Learn Animation : Easy Way

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Instead of fighting with children on media time, how about we encourage them to create cartoons (or in technical words create animations)?. Animation involves observing real life objects and depicting them on the screen. This involves physics (how objects hit each other and bounce back, how animals move),  geometry (drawing shapes, views), anatomy(human and animal body structure), biology(textures of natural elements), mathematics(setting right frame per second) etc. This also helps children to understand how theoretical academic topics map to real life.

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Exam Results Aren’t Everything!

There are different types of intelligence. Exam result mainly tells about logical and linguistic abilities of a student. But it doesn’t tell about life skills like leadership skills, handling conflicts, self control, values. Exam result is not final verdict of a student’s life.

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Being a Proud Mother

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Yesterday was Women’s day. Yesterday I thought celebrating days like this is totally unnecessary. But little did I know I would change my opinion the next day.Today I was updating my introduction in my website. My husband said, “Why do you always write ‘mother’ in the introduction? There are lot of mothers and there is … Read more Being a Proud Mother

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We All Seek Acceptance, so Do Our Children.

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We all want to be accepted. We secretly wish world accepts us as we are. So do our children. But for children parents are their world.  In first years children see their self-worth through parents. Parental rejection at this stage can be fatal for their emotional development and hence emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence contributes to … Read more We All Seek Acceptance, so Do Our Children.

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Work from Home Jobs for Mothers (Where to Search and How to Get)

Work from home
This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Work from home jobs for women (mothers)

I have worked from home from many years. I feel content that I am available to my child while pursing my career interests. Work from home jobs have a lot of benefits but demand more discipline. In the last post, I listed 10 things to consider before starting a work from home job. In this post, … Read more Work from Home Jobs for Mothers (Where to Search and How to Get)

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Is Your Child Addicted to Cell Phone? Part 2

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Children and smart phone addiction

Last week I wrote about my struggles with my son using the mobile phone. Initially I avoided giving him phone and succeeded. Then came bigger problems and I had to give him mobile. Read that blog here. When I him mobile, he assured he will use it for only 1 hour per day. As per … Read more Is Your Child Addicted to Cell Phone? Part 2

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Value Education: Reducing Objectification of Women – Lesson from Epic

One of the biggest issue these days is objectification of women. The children who grow up with watching women as objects pose huge threat to social health. Needless to say, the threat of own kids doing something embarrassing in the future is a nightmare. Irrespective of the level of professional success, they could always end up … Read more Value Education: Reducing Objectification of Women – Lesson from Epic

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Money: The way You Feel… Matters.

Money is all about hard numbers and hard work? Is there any element of ‘feeling’ in matters of wealth? How we ‘feel’ about money is a strange concept to many.  But the awareness is spreading, with increased research in psychology. Feelings about money has more impact than we think. Like other aspects, the feelings towards money shapes up … Read more Money: The way You Feel… Matters.

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