2 Simple Yoga Postures for Easy Parenting

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I started doing Yoga from age 10 and have been doing it since then. Sometimes I leave it for few months but always find my way back in. I am very fortunate to learn Yoga ( asanas and all other aspects of Yoga) from eminent teachers. My heartfelt thanks to all my Yoga Gurus.

Yoga is perfect for both body and mind. But do you know, it can make your everyday parenting easy? Here is how..

1. Getting ready early morning

When my son was small, he used to wake up from sleep and smile at me like an angel. But that happiness didn’t last long. He started to go to school.

School bus came early, he had to be ready by 7 am. Oh, it was a struggle to wake him up. He used to be all drowsy and tired. When he came back from school he was still tired and irritated.

Changing sleep timings, shifting to light food, early bath didn’t help. Do you know, children need 11-12 hours sleep but most get 8-9 hours sleep? How can my son be alert at school? This yogasana came to my rescue.

Naukasana (Boat Pose)

Naukasana(boat pose) is my wake up pose.  If practiced upon waking, it immediately restores freshness. Just 3 rounds of this asana on bed is enough to make an energetic morning.

This can also be done on other times of the day to remove lethargy.


2. Sleeping on time

Is your child not sleeping even if too tired? Is your child acting too stubborn before sleep? It might be ‘Growing pains‘.  It is the muscle pain or discomfort caused due to activities like running, jumping, climbing etc. More than pain, it is the restlessness in the muscles that irritates and stops kids from sleeping. It is observed more in boys than girls.

Massaging and acupressure helps to calm the muscles. But it is easier said than done. My active son used to feel so restless that I had to massage him for hours. It wore me down. I started getting irritated. Again yoga came to my rescue.

Uttana Padasana (Raised leg Pose)

Variation of Raised leg pose where legs are lifted and rested on wall, reduces all kind of discomfort in the body. It also calms the mind and strengthens stomach muscles. Best pose to do before sleep (give at least 1 hour gap after food). If child is too tired, pillows can be used to lift the leg.

Try these yourself and share your experience. Do let me know if you are interested in knowing other asanas that can help your child.

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Chetana S

Chetana S

Chetana is an animator, story teller, entrepreneur and engineer who has worked in technology domains with international clients. She is certified in psychology from Yale University and also a certified story teller from Kathalaya. She had immense success in combining psychology with story telling.

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