Being a Proud Mother

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Yesterday was Women’s day. Yesterday I thought celebrating days like this is totally unnecessary. But little did I know I would change my opinion the next day.Today I was updating my introduction in my website. My husband said, “Why do you always write ‘mother’ in the introduction? There are lot of mothers and there is nothing special about it. Why don’t you write about your research in psychology or write your technical qualifications?” I said, ” I am proud to be a mother. My company wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have a child. I am proud to write that in my introduction”.

This triggered a thought. I left my corporate job after becoming a mother. My goal was to spend more time with my son and I was already working on another startup. My son was a toddler and I really wonder how I managed everything. Once he had high fever but I had to attend a meeting. I took him to the meeting. I was confident to manage all these but I expected empathy and understanding from my community.

When I was working full time, I heard comments like ” Oh, how can you leave your small kid?”. ,” Your kid is sick because he misses you”. But when I left my job I heard comments like this, “Oh, you left your job. All that you studied is wasted”. When I said I am working on a technology startup, everyone assumed I am doing some trivial work to help my husband.

I don’t want to crib. But sometimes I wonder, being a mother is such a huge part of woman’s life. Bringing up responsible new generation is such a huge task. If mothers don’t feel proud about that, what are we supposed to feel proud about?

Women needs to feel confident about all aspects of the life. Taking care of the family, kids, hobbies, working outside everything. One aspect is not bigger than the other. Educated women raise smart kids.

Because of you, I studied psychology. I learnt game development. I became a story teller. I started my own company. I became more disciplined. I started paying attention to small joys of life. You made me better. Thank you my son.

Also my heartfelt thanks to my mother.

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Chetana S

Chetana S

Chetana is an animator, story teller, entrepreneur and engineer who has worked in technology domains with international clients. She is certified in psychology from Yale University and also a certified story teller from Kathalaya. She had immense success in combining psychology with story telling.

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5 thoughts on “Being a Proud Mother”

  1. People judge you in either way,if you work they say you are career oriented and neglect family, if you don’t work they say you waste your time,by sitting at home you spend husband s hard earned money etc all ladies out here, don’t care what people say about you, follow your passion, give wings to your dream. I worked for 13 years and post marriage left job now pursuing B Music. After leaving job I realised that there is so much to do in life other than working in corporate. Infact so called career gave me only sleepless nights. dirty politics and rat race in the corporate world.Now enjoying my time doing things which I like.

    • You are right Suvarna. People judge no matter what!. Though I liked my corporate job, it was limiting. It didn’t leave time for all the things I wanted to do. I am glad you are pursuing music. Do share your work.


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