Work from Home Jobs for Mothers (Where to Search and How to Get)

Work from home
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I have worked from home from many years. I feel content that I am available to my child while pursing my career interests.

Work from home jobs have a lot of benefits but demand more discipline. In the last post, I listed 10 things to consider before starting a work from home job.

In this post, I am listing online and offline jobs that you can do from home. I will also tell,  where to find the jobs and how to develop job skills.

Online Jobs

Many startups and business need small works to be done from time to time. They hire interns, part-time employees, and freelancers. Most of the online jobs are freelancer jobs i.e there is no fixed pay per month. But you also have no limit to earnings and no work hour restrictions. If you are good in your job, you can have loyal customer base hence earning guaranteed money.

Content Writing

Content writing job is very easy to start and is ideal for mothers. Blogs, articles, product reviews, you can write according to your interest. Earnings can be anywhere between 2$ to 1000$ for an article.

Payment is based on quality, subject ability and number of words in the article.

Writing jobs in English language are more but you can also find good non-English jobs too.

You can also work as a ghost writer. Anonymously writing for famous people.

Start content writing now



Easiest way to develop writing skills is to read and write more.

Website Design

Website/App design is hot field now. Many website designers are freelancers and you can work alone or team up with other freelancers.

Website design includes coding and UI design. If you have coding experience you can learn HTML, CSS, python, php or angular js and start developing websites. Or else you can create static pages using WordPress. Use templates or charge higher for fully customized websites. Designers earn more than coders.

Website developers earn 200$ upwards for a job.

Learn UI design

Learn website development


Bloggers earn money by displaying ads and doing affiliate marketing. Blogs take time to get noticed and money you earn depends on your content, followers and SEO ranking. Blogs are also good to create online portfolio.

You can buy a domain name or start blog in blogging sites. Usually lifestyle blogs become popular quickly. Many parenting blogs are popular too.

Famous bloggers earn 6 figures.

Start your blog today  

Master SEO

Digital Art

If you have artistic inclinations you have unlimited ways to work from home. You can earn from selling photos, vector designs, 2D/3D animations, game character and background designs.

Since Art speaks for itself, artists are hired purely based on their work not on education or experience. Digital art is very broad and it is easy to get lost. For example 3D has modelling, texturing, animating, lighting, composing etc. Choose what you want to do and stick to it for at least 2 years and create good portfolio.

Find artist jobs here

Doing art work for a children book can earn anywhere between 1000$ to 3000$.

I am listing open-source software here to start your artistic journey. It is better to check what you like using free software and then move to paid ones.

Photo Editing

Vector Drawing

2D animations

3D Modelling

2D games

3D games

You can sell your work here

Stock Trading

My mother doubled her money in 8 years doing stock trading. Stock trading can be done by just using a smart phone and can be started with least investment. You will have to watch business news and follow companies. There can be up and downs but with careful analysis good money can be made over the time.

Expert Consulting

If you have good work experience, you can work as online consultant. This involves answering questions and assisting on need basis. You can earn 10$ to 100$ per hour.  You can also work can technical writer.


Video/Audio Editing

Video content is on raise hence is demand for video/audio editor. You will be given a raw video which you have to edit. It can vary from just organizing to adding special effects. Video editors earn 40$ to 2000$ for a video edit.

Work from home

Social Media Jobs

You can become a virtual assistant by posting, commenting, replying  on business social media pages. This can also include replying to e-mails, taking phone calls, editing and book-keeping.

Jobs start at 100$ but work can be a lot for young mothers.

Find a job here

Book Publishing

You can become an author by self publishing your book.  Once you publish your book it needs to be marketed.

You can also take up jobs of book editor or layout designer.

Popular book publishing sites


You have to listen to the audio or watch a video and write transcripts (subtitles).

Try transcription here

Earnings start from 2$ per minute of transcription.

You can also work as voice artist. Voice artists are paid on word, can start from 0.01$ per word.


If you are good in multiple languages, work as a translator.

Check translator jobs here

Pay is depending upon words translated. Starts 0.01$ per word.

Online Tutoring

You can coach one on one or can create e-learning courses.

Online tutoring

Start your own e-learning course here

Apart from this, there are jobs like data entry, ad viewing, captcha entry, chain marketing etc. Though these can be started quickly, they don’t offer long term career growth.

Offline Jobs

Most of above jobs can be done offline too. You might have to put some extra effort to get job leads.

Some other offline jobs are

  • Home tutoring
  • Personal training
  • Skill sharing (ex: teaching jewelry making)
  • Story telling
  • Opening home based shops
  • Chocolate making
  • Making craft items and selling
  • Buying whole sale items and selling
  • Fashion designing (opening a boutique)
  • Beauty Parlour
  • Make over consultant
  • Growing and selling exotic vegetables (ex: Wheat Grass)

You can also learn holistic healing methods like acupressure and help others.

Awake in Bengaluru, India helps women to start home based business. 

Another place to share skills in India is

If you are in Bengaluru and wish to learn acupressure, please leave a comment. I will connect you with my teacher.

I know this is a long list of jobs and you have a lot of thinking to do.

Do let me know if this blog helped you.

If you are a work from-home mother, inspire others by telling your story.  Let me know and I will get in touch.

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Chetana S

Chetana is an animator, story teller, entrepreneur and engineer who has worked in technology domains with international clients. She is certified in psychology from Yale University and also a certified story teller from Kathalaya. She had immense success in combining psychology with story telling.

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    • Hi Shilpa, swimming is essential skill and it is great that you are willing to coach. Many women trying to learn swimming prefer women coaches.

      1. You can try local swimming classes
      Prepare a resume mentioning your experience as a swimmer (Don’t worry if you don’t have much experience). Find local swimming pools (clubs, big apartments etc). Ask who is the authority and speak to the authority. You might have to follow up with this person couple of times. You can either take fixed payment or take share from each student’s fee.
      Or else you can take swimming pool for rent (say 1 hour per day) and start your own class.

      2. Join as swimming coach to schools
      Approach local schools which have swimming pools. Sometimes big schools hire coaches from companies like . You can send your resume there.

      3. Become a personal coach
      Join personal coaches forums like

      Take decent photos and videos of you swimming and teaching swimming( you can ask friends and family to be your students). Create a social media profile or online landing page and put some testimonials.

      Also join women and kids related social media forums and keep posting your offering. I am sure you will soon find opportunities.


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